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Refill Kit • Parrot Head
Aged & Infused

Refill Kit • Parrot Head

$ 9.00

About This Precious…

Refill pack for the Parrot Head Cocktail Infusion Kit.

Why Is This Super Special?

Best enjoyed while soaking up that rich Vitamin D, this blend is the perfect trio of sweet, tart and spice. This tiki-inspired infusion elevates your average marg to a whoooole new level with fresh strawberry notes, a kick of jalapeño and a twinge of citrus to anchor yourself to the present.


Recommended Spirits:

Tequila, Rum, Vodka

Adds a twist to:

Margarita, Daiquiri


Dehydrated strawberries, dehydrated jalapeño, dehydrated lime

About the Brand

Chicago, Illinois

About the Brand

Made by Chicagoans Jess and John, a good ‘ol husband and wife duo who flippin' LOVE making cocktails. Read the rest of the Aged & Infused story here.

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