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Rainbow Beach Glass Soap
Rainbow Beach Glass Soap
Rainbow Beach Glass Soap

Rainbow Beach Glass Soap

$ 21.00

About This Precious…

Is it a jar of seaglass? No! Gasp! It's delightful little slivers of single serve soap, made with seaweed and scented with grapefruit. How clever is that?

Why Is This Super Special?

Sealuxe skincare products and soaps are made with an eye toward non-toxic, organic ingredients that are kind to the environment, made with seaweed, scented with essential oils and packaged in reusable and biodegradable jars.


To Use: Take one piece of the soap and wash your hands as normal (careful, it's slippery!) If any soap is left, discard it.

About the Brand

Crescent Beach, British Columbia

About the Brand

Luxurious seaweed skincare coming from the natural surroundings of the Great Bear Rainforest. Sealuxe is about sharing the treasures in the West Coast waves, so you can immerse yourself in the sea wherever you are in the world. Read the rest of the Sealuxe story here.

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