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Holiday Gift Pack: Goblincore
Holiday Gift Pack: Goblincore
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Holiday Gift Pack: Goblincore

$ 80.00

For the goblin in your life this holiday, we leaned pretty hard into the moss, rocks and shiny things theme and built a collection inspired by the autumn, and all things dark and lovely:

  1. Moss Amigos: Classic Moss Amigo  A Marimo moss pal WITH ROCKS in a jar. It is somewhere between a plant and a pet, and as long as you keep it out of direct sun and change its water every couple weeks, it’s a happy moss boll pal.
  2. Enchanted Leaves: Antiqued Oak Pendant  A gorgeous pendant made from a real fallen leaf, electroformed and antiqued for an ancient vibe.
  3. Sealuxe: Rose Seaglass Soaps  Seaglass-looking, seaweed-containing, rosy smelling single serve soaps that will make any bathroom more magical.
  4. River Peak Apothecary: Autumn Lip Butter Pack  The Apothecary’s autumnal flavored lip butter pack, made right here, by us, to sate your lippy flavor cravings.

To craft these gift packs o' magic, we turned to the Webs of Inter, particularly our newfound timesuckhole TikTok and the "cores." For those of us who just learned of these things recently, a "core" is like a "vibe" or an aesthetic.

Goblincore is for the weirdo in your life who hoards shinies and is keen on moss and rocks and creepy crawlies. This pack is built for them, at a special price for you.

Oh dear, did you think that was all? Of course not. Beyond the Goblincore Gift Pack, we have a collection of dozens more items of the dark, sparkly and occasionally awkward variety.

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