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Holiday Gift Pack: Faecore
Holiday Gift Pack: Faecore
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Holiday Gift Pack: Faecore

$ 65.00

For the woodland spirit in your life this holiday, we crafted a collection inspired by springtime and all things fresh bright and absolutely lovely:

  1. Karacotta Ceramics: Ceramic Abalone Smudge Dish  Rimmed in 22 carat gold, these stunning smudge dishes are glazed in the whites and blues of the ocean.
  2. Cabine Monde: Sunshine Sage Smudge Bundle  California grown, with proceeds going to environmental causes in California, this is a beautifully wrapped ritual of intentional living.
  3. Meadowland Syrup: Sweet Bird Simple Syrup Sampler Collection  Simple syrups the bring the flavors of springtime to cocktails, lemonade, sparkling water, baked goods and more.
  4. River Peak Apothecary: Spring Lip Butter Pack  The Apothecary’s springtime flavored lip butter pack, made right here, by us, to sate your lippy flavor cravings.

To craft these gift packs o' magic, we turned to the Webs of Inter, particularly our newfound timesuckhole TikTok and the "cores." For those of us who just learned of these things recently, a "core" is like a "vibe" or an aesthetic.

Faecore is for those of the fae, fairy, elf or general woodland spirit vibe. This pack is built for them, at a special price for you.

Oh dear, did you think that was all? Of course not. Beyond the Faecore Gift Pack, we have a collection of dozens more items of the green, natural and mindful tranquility vibe.

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