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Goat's Blood Milk Bath
River Peak Apothecary

Goat's Blood Milk Bath

$ 10.00


This is a lot less metal than it sounds, we swear, and the only blood involved is a blood orange.

Blademaiden was casually putting together a goat's milk, honey and black lava salt bath for herself the other day, and it made the bathwater resemble a mystical moonlit dark pool, where as your hand slips beneath the surface it disappears.

Afterward, her skin felt AMAZING, because goat's milk and honey will do that, and the charcoal in the black salt is great for her problem skin.

Then she got the idea to add a touch of that Australian red clay to the mix, plus some Vetiver and Blood Orange essential oils, and pop it in some precious little potion jars.

While this blend may leave a slight residue in your tub after draining, a good rinse will take it right off. Rituals do require a little cleanup.

4 oz jars are good for 1-2 baths, 8 oz for 2-3

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