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Ceramic Ocean Incense Dish
Karacotta Ceramics

Ceramic Ocean Incense Dish

$ 16.00

About This Precious…

The Ocean Incense Dish is the perfect piece to add to any home, office, or studio decor. Inspired by the sea, the porcelain clay is finished in a custom blend of four ocean glazes. This versatile piece can also double as a beautiful jewelry dish, for your favorite earrings or rings.


Size: 2"D X 0.5"H

Incense Cones Sold Separate

About the Brand

Austin, Texas

About the Brand

Karacotta Ceramics creates one-of-a-kind, functional, ceramic art pieces for everyday living. Each line is created with intention, and each piece is handmade in Austin using a multi-step process over the course of many days. It ensures no two pieces are created exactly the same, with slight variations in shape, size and glaze. They scratch-make their tools, clay-bodies, and glazes, or curate them locally from the very best.

Always inspired by nature, these pieces incorporate organic elements and natural processes into the work. The business itself reaches community in a different way: the they sell is the conduit for exploring and communicating bigger concepts, like sustainable business practices, artistic collaboration, and scholarships for young women. They give back to the local community via donations to non-profit fundraisers, and sponsoring scholarships for youth programs like the Girls Empowerment Network. Read the rest of the Karacotta Ceramics story here.

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