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River Peak Apothecary

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$ 80.00 $ 90.00

Start the day with a shower scrub that feels like a meditative ritual, then brew a cup of tea whose name refers to a mental clean slate in a calming-colored insulated water bottle/infuser and get your goals on paper guides you through getting organized, but isn't dated, so won't judge you when you miss a day.

Whether you have someone who could use a little peace and centering in their lives you need to treat to a special gift right now, or that person is you, this is the pack you need.

River Peak Apothecary • Moonsands Sugar Scrub • $32

Welly • 12 oz Infuser Bottle • Mint • $30

Aesthete Tea • 2 oz Tabula Rasa • $16

Hadron Epoch Design Studio • Daily Desk Pad • $12

(Succulents and pots not included, but succulent babies will be coming to the shop soon!)

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