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Family Pack
River Peak Apothecary

Family Pack

$ 75.00 $ 84.00

The whole family can scrub up, brush up, shave up and butter up in an all natural and sustainable manner while supporting small makers. 

Whether you have a little family you need to treat to a special gift right now, or simply your own, this is the pack you need.

River Peak Apothecary • Magewick Shave Oil • $26

Sealuxe • Aqua Single Serve Hand Soap • Spearmint • $21

Butter Love by LC • Just Butter Unscented Body Butter • $25

Truthbrush • Adult and Kiddo-sized Bamboo Toothbrushes • $12

(Succulents and pots not included, but succulent babies will be coming to the shop soon!)

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