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Holiday Gift Pack: Naturecore
Holiday Gift Pack: Naturecore
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Holiday Gift Pack: Naturecore

$ 70.00

For the well-traveled, well-read, outdoorsy folk in your life, we crafted a collection inspired by nature, and the things that are nice to have when you are in it:

  1. Wazoo Survival Gear: Bushcraft Firestarter Leather Necklace  You never know when you’re going to need a flint and steel - may as well wear it at all times, eh?
  2. Cognitive Surplus: Earth’s Geology Hardcover Notebook  Few notebooks better suited to chronicling your natural notations and findings.
  3. Smarty Pants Paper Co.: Biomes Pencils  Write with the forest pencil in the woods, the desert pencil in the mesa, the grassland pencil in a meadow…the aquatic one might be a bit tougher…
  4. River Peak Apothecary: Deepwell Beard Balm  The Apothecary’s best kept secret multitasker - a savior of dry, cracked skin all over, lips, hands, elbows, and yes, beards too.

To craft these gift packs o' magic, we turned to the Webs of Inter, particularly our newfound timesuckhole TikTok and the "cores." For those of us who just learned of these things recently, a "core" is like a "vibe" or an aesthetic.

Naturecore is for those of the well-traveled, well-read, outdoorsy vibe. This pack is built for them, at a special price for you.

Oh dear, did you think that was all? Of course not. Beyond the Naturecore Gift Pack, we have a collection of dozens more items of the well-crafted, wanderlusty, and travelbound stationary varieties.

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