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The Faces of Beardsgaard • Dragonsea

Posted on September 15 2018

The Faces of Beardsgaard series takes you inside the story and the world of each of our products ~ our real live regular clients, cut by the barbers of Beardsgaard, groomed by River Peak Apothecary, on location, often just off the beaten path.

Journey to our realm, nerds.


The human animal has five senses, but only two of them pass through the portion of the mind linked to emotion and memory. Of the five, only taste and smell can instantly bring to you faraway and long ago places.

The citrus that erupts a sea-fine mist of juice and oils when you break its skin, following you through the day like a persistent lover.

The flower and spice markets of faraway lands to which you have never been, but visit in your dreams.

Heady bonfires on the beach sands that thrum to the rhythms of the bodies that mimic the dance of the flames.

It is for this simple reason that we made our grooming products in the scents of the seasons, so that you can change along with them.

Dragonsea is for: Heady summer nights with bonfires blazing near the ocean


Having created the world of Beardsgaard, you can imagine that when we decided to delve deeper into our craft and introduce our own product line, we felt we also needed to delve deeper into the mythology we had been creating amongst ourselves.

We already had the map of the Realm on the wall, after all. So when it came to creating the scents of our grooming goods, we first looked to the seasons that our corner of the world has in abundance, all from natural sources.

And then came the names, which are added as locations on the map, each with a mythology all its own.

Our beard oils, balms and butters are created by barbers to tame the most Ent-like beards of the thousands we encounter, but more than that, they tell a story.

This is the story of Dragonsea.


The mythology of the realm of Beardsgaard grows and grows. And we do not speak of some metaphorical mythos of a business, we actually started writing origin stories, and kept writing.

In the Dragonsea mythology, the ruin used to be called Honeyport, a bustling seaside city with honeycomb-like sea cliffs. It's probably best to not go poking about where thousands of dragons live. In the years after the melting of Honeyport, the area is rife with scavengers for the precious stones and metals still set into the rock from the time when it was molten.

Keep up with the story as it unfolds right here.


Ryan here is a regular client of ours and an excellent electrician. Some call him Zippy. We do. That fiery natural red of his and his ability to hike the giant sand dunes with less huffing and puffing than we crew made him the perfect pirate for our reworked pirate shoot.

While now it's hard to imagine any other being the face of Dragonsea, Ryan was not our original choice of model. That was Steve, who we lovingly referred to as Beefcake until we knew his real name. Steve was what his nickname implied, a hulk of a superhuman, but more Thor than Hulk. The plan was to put him in a kilt, give him a claymore, and take him to the dunes.

Big Steve passed suddenly, and tragically, days before the originally planned shoot date. Part of being a barber for many years is clients passing, but nothing ever prepares you for the ones that go so far before their times, or the ones that were as bursting with love and life as Steve was.

His photos will always grace the walls of the shop here, and when we think of Dragonsea or the dunes, we will think of both Steve and Ryan with warm hearts.

Costuming for this shoot is, funny enough, all from our personal collection, most of it Beardsmith's Ren Faire garb. Sometimes he wears it to weddings. It's just how we roll.



When you think Indiana, is this what you picture? Sapphire blue waters with no land on the horizon, sandy dunes with waves rolling onto the beach below? If you live by the Great Lakes, the remains of the vast inland seas here in the Middle West, you know the gems we call our own.

While what used to be Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and is now Indiana Dunes National Park is right next door to Indiana Dunes State Park, we prefer the state park, with its miles of trails you rarely see people on in the outer reaches.

This shoot was by far the biggest hike, a couple miles through lots of elevation changes, all through soft sand, with a biiiiiig ass upward scramble to get to this view, at which point one of us threw up. And then felt better. Then some miles more down the beach and back made for an exhausting but rewarding adventure of a shoot.


Dragonfire sweeps through a seaside market town. Wood smolders, precious exotic spices and florals ignite and both citrus fruits and the very sea vaporize in an instant.

Let us take you there.



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