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The Faces of Beardsgaard • Deepwell

Posted on December 06 2018

The Faces of Beardsgaard series takes you inside the story and the world of each of our products ~ our real live regular clients, cut by the barbers of Beardsgaard, groomed by River Peak Apothecary, on location, often just off the beaten path.

Journey to our realm, nerds.


The human animal has five senses, but only two of them pass through the portion of the mind linked to emotion and memory. Of the five, only taste and smell can instantly bring to you faraway and long ago places.

The freshly whipped buttercream your mother had to whack you with a spoon to keep you out of before it got on the cake.

A pile of toasty blankets on an cold night.

The ancient depth of a clamber through a cave system.

It is for this simple reason that we made our grooming products in the scents of the seasons, so that you can change along with them.

Deepwell is for: The tough times, when you want to get soft


Having created the world of Beardsgaard, you can imagine that when we decided to delve deeper into our craft and introduce our own product line, we felt we also needed to delve deeper into the mythology we had been creating amongst ourselves.

We already had the map of the Realm on the wall, after all. So when it came to creating the scents of our grooming goods, we first looked to the seasons that our corner of the world has in abundance, all from natural sources.

And then came the names, which are added as locations on the map, each with a mythology all its own.

Our beard oils, balms and butters are created by barbers to tame the most Ent-like beards of the thousands we encounter, but more than that, they tell a story.

This is the story of Deepwell.


The mythology of the realm of Beardsgaard grows and grows. And we do not speak of some metaphorical mythos of a business, we actually started writing origin stories, and kept writing.

In the Deepwell mythology, deep beneath one of the deepest mines in the dwarven lands is a vast well of soft stone, the heart of the mountain, which the alchemist of the Apothecary has mined to create the richest butter in the land. But while the Alchemist may have put it to new uses, it was discovered by another, long ago, and entirely by accident, while on a quest of the heart.

Keep up with the story as it unfolds right here.


This is Joey, who we got to know as the boyfriend of one of our barbers, then her husband, then a barber student, then a barber of Beardsgaard, now running his own barber studio, Fox & Stone.

He is nowhere near as serious as any of these photos let on, but he has an unbreakable deadpan that comes in handy for Zoolandering it up. Unlike so many other barbers before him, he has an exceptional head of hair AND nice full beard, so we thought he would make an excellent dwarf.

Costuming for these shoots is largely furnished by local gem All Dressed Up Costumes, generally augmented with things from our personal, getting extensive, costume closet. Any weaponry is just stuff we had lying around.



Starved Rock is, frankly, one of the most impressive places Illinois has to offer, and while the boardwalk and wooden bridged trails closer to the Lodge are HEAVILY trafficked, there are plenty of more remote trails where you get a bit messier, along with other rewards.

You would think early December, arguably one of the grossest-looking times of year wouldn't be a beautiful time for a photo shoot, but Starved Rock has something stunning to look at in every season, especially if it's been raining but is not currently.

That's how you get waterfalls. Which, it should be noted, can turn into ice waterfalls the right time of year.


The deep, warm places of the earth, gleaming golden by dwarven torchlight, things and places as they have been for time unending.

Let us take you there.



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