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The Faces of Beardsgaard • Magewick

Posted on July 18 2018

The Faces of Beardsgaard series takes you inside the story and the world of each of our products ~ our real live regular clients, cut by the barbers of Beardsgaard, groomed by River Peak Apothecary, on location, often just off the beaten path.

Journey to our realm, nerds.


The human animal has five senses, but only two of them pass through the portion of the mind linked to emotion and memory. Of the five, only taste and smell can instantly bring to you faraway and long ago places.

The mix of fresh and dried grasses floating on the breezes of the back roads.

Those waxy, hearty blooms that blossom through the hottest of the summer heat.

The trust fund hippie kid's dorm room down the hall in college.

It is for this simple reason that we made our grooming products in the scents of the seasons, so that you can change along with them.

Magewick is for: The calm before the storm


Having created the world of Beardsgaard, you can imagine that when we decided to delve deeper into our craft and introduce our own product line, we felt we also needed to delve deeper into the mythology we had been creating amongst ourselves.

We already had the map of the Realm on the wall, after all. So when it came to creating the scents of our grooming goods, we first looked to the seasons that our corner of the world has in abundance, all from natural sources.

And then came the names, which are added as locations on the map, each with a mythology all its own.

Our shave oils are created by barbers to our rather exacting barberly preferences to both nourish your skin and withstand the rigors of the blade, but more than that, they tell a story.

This is the story of


The mythology of the realm of Beardsgaard grows and grows. And we do not speak of some metaphorical mythos of a business, we actually started writing origin stories, and kept writing.

In the Magewick mythology, just off the coast is a small island where you will find the Temple of Magewick, a monastic home for elemental monks. From the beaches of Asgard, the sky above the island crackles with fire and lightning, the fireworks of training. Two of its most promising wards, two young orphan girls, have discovered their full powers, and possibly more between them than competition.

Keep up with the story as it unfolds right here.


In creating the looks of our beard products, we naturally turned to our wealth of bearded clients. Shaving needn’t be quite so gendered, because we humans shave all sorts of things.

When it came to our shave oils, we may well have a gent on camera for the Strongfell winter oil, but we thought it would be infinitely more epic to find ourselves a bald and/or brave lady face.

To our great surprise, we had two stunning volunteers, Janna and Marine, who didn’t have to be talked into this at all.

Like the Beardsgaards, both are service industry veterans with a flair for the creative, performative, and fun in rest of life. And they’re both far fitter than we, because this was one of the more challenging locations we have ever attempted for a photo shoot.

This shoot we went less for "costumes" and more for some base layers, swaths of fabric, a few embellishments and safety pins. Which we forgot at the shop and had to buy duplicates of at a fabric store along the way. As Tim Gunn says, "Make it work!"



This is the first shoot we had to get a permit and ranger guide for, because unless you go up Mounty Baldy with a guided group, you aren't allowed to go. That's because years ago a kid was playing where he shouldn't, and got sucked under the sand by a sinkhole. So now they're understandably careful.

And so we hiked up and were greeted by that spectacular sky over the water (which we added in to a few of the shots overlooking the dunes. Interrupting our mage island scene were the factories in the distance, so a few wee little additions and subtractions, and boom, Mount Baldy becomes Magewick.


Dry grass and red sands scorched by violent spells of fire, sparks and embers swept by the winds upward to the blazing sun. Resonant chants float over thick tendrils of incense, focusing the mind to a razor's edge for battle.

Let us take you there.



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