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A Guide to Bath Soaks

Posted on August 12 2021

Ever dream of being a fae monarch of the deep woods, soaking in a mineralized milk bath dapped by flower petals and botanicals of ancient lore?

Us too. With a little imagination and a bath soak you craft to your powerful will, you can have it right in your bathtub. Add a bunch of plants to your bathroom and let the cat in to peer at you from between the leaves to complete the illusion.

How to Use a Bath Soak

If you have one of those drain protector thingies, you can feel truly luxurious by just tossing a generous handful of bath soak into the tub. You can also contain the soak in a teabag or other tea strainer - the milks and salts will dissolve, but it containing the botanicals makes cleanup easier.

With our Apothecary Bath Bar, you can make your own bath soak blend tailored to your skin needs, or just what your eyes and nose like (our options are pretty universally skin friendly).

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