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Ingredient Spotlight: Pink Peppercorn

Posted on July 11 2018

Our beard goods are crafted from all-natural ingredients, with scent compositions inspired by the seasons and built upon the tenets of natural perfumery. In this series, we shine the spotlight on the ingredients that make Dragonsea beard oils, balms and waxes so intoxicating.

Botanical Name: Schinus molle

Origin: Peru

Process: Steam Distilled Essential Oil

Plant Part: Fruits

Note: Middle

Aroma: Fresh, very intense, diffusive, dry, warm, sweet-spicy aroma with a faint floral note, a dry woody, slightly smoky undertone, and back notes resembling Angelica and Juniper.

Black peppercorns and pink peppercorns, despite their common surname, have nothing in common with each other, short both technically being drupes, and their appearance in a greyscale photo.

Originally from India, but now much more widely grown, black, white and green peppercorns come from the same vine. Pink peppercorns are not even peppercorns, but the fruit of a fast-growing, drought-resistant evergreen shade tree native to the Andes Mountains of Peru.

Like most Tolkien wizards, the pink peppercorn goes by many names. Peruvian Pepper makes sense, as that’s where it is from, as does false pepper, for it really isn’t one.

California Pepper is only accurate in that Spanish colonization brought the trees by seed to North America, where they thrived in the deserts of California and the Southwest.

This misrepresented little cashew cousin does smell reminiscent of its peppercorn namesakes, but a little brighter, with a bit of sweetness that would be what one would think of if a peppercorn vine had a torrid affair with a rainforest flower.

If Dragonsea is to smell of markets full of exotic goods scorched by dragonfire, consider pink peppercorn the spark.

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