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Introducing • Beard Balms & Waxes

Posted on July 01 2017

First there were beard oils, and then came the preternaturally popular beard butter.

But still, the Gaard clamored for more. They craved beeswax, they said, for more powerful control over the beasts of their faces.

And so our mad alchemist in his tower complied. Hives were harvested, butters mined, and oils poured. All was melted carefully at precise temperatures to preserve the unique character and quality of the ingredients.

And now they are here, soft conditioning balms and firm styling waxes that will, in the parlance of our world, level your beard up with a ferocity heretofore unknown in the realm, scented according to the seasons, with an unscented Deepwell version for good measure.

How best to deploy such, powerful weapons, you might ask, and which is the match for your beard? Allow the barbers of Beardsgaard to elaborate.

Beard Balms

Balms are softer than waxes, with a higher concentration of oils and butters to beeswax. Best used on a damp beard, often right out of the shower. Excellent for both long beards as well as short shadow beards, our balms are made to make the things on your face softer and less objectionable to whomever you are rubbing it up against.

Beard Waxes

Waxes are stiffer than balms, with a higher concentration of beeswax to the oils and butters. For lighter control, use on a damp beard, often right out of the shower. For more control, use on well-brushed, dry beard. While the waxes are not heavy enough to make this a mustache wax, it is perfect for naturally shaping your beard.

And now, Gaardians, consider yourself armed with the weapons necessary for the taming of your face. Go forth and slather yourself in goos of many fine scents.



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