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Your "Core" Holiday Gift Guide: Wizardcore

Posted on November 02 2020

Speaks little, but with purpose when it suits them. Sips fine spirits with aplomb. Love of the pen and sword. Mysterious bastard.

“What’s Their Core” Quiz Results

  1. What season do they like best? Winter, when it's beautiful outside, but moreso inside with a good warm drink
  2. What sorts of clothes do they wear? An actual cloak if it were socially acceptable, but more likely tweed
  3. What makes them happy? Classics, and things done well, like the works of Tolkien and Bulleit, for instance
  4. What's their favorite movie genre? Fantasy
  5. You're taking them camping. Where are you staying? Cozy cabin in the mountains
  6. What special treat did you bring for them on the above-mentioned trip? Steaks and a cast iron

If that sounds on brand for the object of your gifting, read on. Want to try again? Head on back to the quiz. Not that there are any wrong answers here.

For the epic character in your life who seems of a different time or generally timeless, we crafted a collection inspired by wintertime and the spirits that come with it, the fires of the forge, and the might of the pen:

  1. Wildflower Art Studio: Calligraphy Kit The cold months will be long, might as well get proficient in an ancient art while one is all cooped up.
  2. Shire Post Mint: Shire Layered Coin Pendant Crafted by a swordsmith commissioned by George R.R. Martin to make coins for Game of Thrones, this is a fantasy nerd dream piece.
  3. Camp Craft Cocktails: Mountain Pass Cocktail infuser kit that is made for sharing, but you don’t have to share.
  4. River Peak Apothecary: Winter Lip Butter Pack The Apothecary’s wintery flavored lip butter pack, made right here, by us, to sate your lippy flavor cravings.

Want more magical & finely crafted gift ideas of a wintertime vibe? Let us present an entire collection…



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