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Archetype of Man Gift Guides

Posted on November 06 2018

Not to paint with too broad a brush, but as people with fathers and husbands and brothers and other assorted men on our gifting lists, they are not always the easiest to buy for.

But fear not. We have scoured the four corners of the Realm to craft for you, dear reader, a simple solution to your holiday shopping woes.

May we present, our gift guides for four of our most spotted archetypes of man, containing goods for hair, beard, shave, grooming tools, fragrance, books, apparel and more.

For our Gaardians that embrace the call of the wild

Journey through the lively greens, soft herbal florals and fresh earth of the trail, wherever it may lead.

From Hudson Made in the Hudson River Valley to Mariner Jack across the pond, these soaps and oils are on the lists of those who appreciate nature-based formulas and handcrafted goodness.

You could do with some protection from the wiles of the wild, and we of the apothecary have prepared you well with an array of fine goods to aid you on your next journey. A well packed adventurer is a well prepared one.

For our Gaardians that always have a sunset to ride off into

Ride with smoky cloves, tempting spirits and heady colognes to wherever the crossroads take you.

From Shear Revival on the east coast to Prospectors Pomade on the west, these pomades are on the lists of those who appreciate well crafted scents in formulas with a cult-like following.

While you may look rough and tough to the eyes, we all like to be a little softer to the touch. With this collection, you can have both, in a package that smells of a dirty sexy good time.

For our Gaardians that always have something to fix

Hammer through freshly ground coffee, smooth tobacco, and bright citrus to get from bright and early to quitting time.

From the shores of the Fox River in Aurora to the port city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Midwest Beard and Moustache Company and Reuzel are on the lists of those who appreciate products to do their damn jobs and do them well without a lot of fuss.

Dirt, grime, dust, mud, you name it, these good are here to not only protect you from the babagook, but make sure they stay healthy too. So relax and let us do the work for you.

For our Gaardians that have *almost* everything

Embrace the aromas of rich liquors, exquisite woods, and sultry musks in the way that makes sure you get embraced a little more fervently as well.

Wherever your social calendar takes you this holiday season, let our goods stand guard over your hair, face, and beard with the perfect gift from the Apothecary for your favorite Dapper fellow, even if that fellow is you.

From England to Italy, Captain Fawcett and Davines are on the lists of all those who appreciate the finer goods in life, made flawlessly and thoughtfully.

Venture below to see our hand picked grooming goods from across the pond of the fancier persuasion that will add a little twist in your favorite gentlemen's 'stache, or quiff, for that matter, for the holidays.



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